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Growing up in Baltimore City, I had the opportunity to experience some of the best food on the East Coast. From sub shops to crab houses and chicken boxes, the city is known for tasty dishes to satisfy anyone’s pallet. East Coast Flavors was launched as a tribute to my Aunties for their pouring of love, nurturing, and instruction into me after the death of my mother when I was just 7 years old.

All my Aunts stepped up to fill the void in my life by ensuring I would become the best version of myself. I learned how to cook delicious soul food from these wonderful women. Aunt Clair’s turkey wings, Aunt Lynn’s Potato Salad, Aunt Joanne’s Spaghetti, Aunt Linda’s crab balls and Aunt Sarah’s famous rice pudding were my favorites.

Watching these women in my life pour love into preparing and cooking dishes that everyone in the City couldn’t get enough of, inspired me to learn how to make food with love just as they did. So now it’s my turn to prepare and cook my version of what I got from them, so I too can have everyone that taste my food know it’s made with love. Thanks Aunties and Rest In Peace Aunt Clair and Aunt Lynn…I am doing my best to make you both proud!

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